Full Testimonial:
I was referred to Yusuf by a friend of mine who was once one of the nation’s top squash players. Seeing his physical condition improve over a short period of time really interested me into working with Yusuf to help me resolve these issues, which I have lived with for over a decade. I was impressed with the attention to detail approach throughout the assessment and the knowledge received during the session to help educate me on how to prevent future injuries. My condition has improved significantly working with Yusuf. The symptoms from Concussion Syndrome have reduced a lot, which in turn has allowed me to train again at a level required for me to achieve my personal goals. The fundamentals taught to me by Yusuf have made me understand the necessary steps and precautions to be taken in order to decrease my injury potential. I am much stronger, my range of motion has improved, and I’m able to train without fear of residual issues arising after an intense training session.
It’s one thing to perform at a high level but another to actually perform these athletic abilities consistently without fear of injury or reprisal.