The System has become the first choice of professional and amateur athletes and serious individuals wanting to significantly improve their athletic performance or overcome the setbacks of a sports related injury. Through specialized age appropriate conditioning, diet, recovery & regeneration, many of these athletes have returned to their chosen sport performing better than before they got injured.

 The System Enhances Athletic & Human Potential by delivering a comprehensive integrated approach to Conditioning via:

  • Identifying, addressing & enhancing the impending blockages to athletic performance & body composition, in the simplest manner possible, utilizing an integrated approach including:
    • Physical Conditioning
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Lifestyle Counselling
    • Regeneration
    • Environmental Enhancement
  • The System delivers creative, broad-based, accelerated conditioning, nutritional & regenerative solutions to obtain faster results:
    • In less time
    • With less effort
    • With less Pain
    • Faster Recovery
    • With less Injury Potential

“Simplicity is Complexity in Reverse… Learn to Work Smarter, not just Harder”


  • The System assists in making Athletes & Individuals:
    • Be Leaner
    • Be ‘Lighter on their feet’
    • Have Ease of Movement
    • Have a heightened sense of Proprioception
    • Recover faster from conditioning

“Shape determines Function & Function determines Shape”