Who has benefited from The System?

Dr. Tudor Bompa Ph.D. Toronto

I have done consulting work with Yusuf and have referred him to various consulting contracts in the field of exercise planning for competition in sports… In addition Yusuf has occasionally assisted me in the instruction of my class in the Theory and Methodology of Training at York University. Yusuf has excellent strength and conditioning specialists. Continue Reading

Chuck Meklensek Former Head Coach & Marketing Director, Etobicoke Swimming Etobicoke

Yusuf worked with our national swimmers in the area of strength, flexibility and power training. They also did training sessions with our coaching staff and clinics with our parent body. The learning curve that our staff went through as well as the improvements by our National swimmers was tremendous. Our club is the largest swim Continue Reading

Dr. N. Apostolopoulos PhD Recovery and Regeneration Specialist Founder of Stretch Therapy® and microStretching®

Athletes and coaches are constantly seeking methods to maximize performance. It has been my experience that the best methods and techniques come from the trainers who think outside of the box. These trainers are the true pioneers pushing the boundaries of human limits. Yusuf Omar is one of these select few. I have personally experienced Continue Reading

Dr. Dave Chambers. Ph.D. – Professor at York University specializing in Elite Coaching Methodology. Professor at York University specializing in Elite Coaching Methodology.

Yusuf has consulted with me in the fields of over-training, detraining, monitoring, and regeneration. In addition, I have worked with Yusuf in the development of videos regarding off-ice conditioning for hockey players, and have invited him to guest lecture for me on two occasions in my course on Coaching Selected Topics offered at York University…I Continue Reading

As the head coach for Etobicoke Energy, I was introduced to Yusuf Omar through a parent or one of our players during a time when we are looking to add a specialized conditioning element to our existing girls soccer program. His academic credentials and hands on experience in high level can performance conditioning are impressive. Continue Reading

Antonio Williams 100m Sprinter Bahamian National Team

Yusuf has worked with me as a high performance conditioning & regeneration specialist, and has helped me maintain peak condition as a competitive sprinter. Working with Yusuf, my times have dropped from 10.56 sec to 10.10 in less than 4 weeks, with proper nutrition, regeneration and speed training. He is very capable and knowledgeable specialist Continue Reading

Rachel G. 800m competitor, currently competing for USC

Yusuf has a unique understanding that we weren’t able to find in any therapist or doctor. Also, Yusuf works on fixing problems not just a “Band-Aid” approach.

Laurie Campbell CEO Credit Canada Debt Solutions

My son went to Yusuf Omar in 2011 when he was 15 years old. He had suffered a reoccurring ankle problem, which had been going on for about 6 months. Prior to this he had been to a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and a sports medicine doctor. Their diagnosis altered from a chronic sprained ankle to Continue Reading

Marisa Duarte

There is no doubt Yusuf has a gift. He worked with my son after he sustained a concussion in a hockey game. He brought my son to a state of normality, which we thought he would never get back. He genuinely cares about his patient’s well being and consistently asked about his progress. I recommend Continue Reading

C. Ramasra Professional Squash Athlete

A close friend of mine works with Yusuf, and has had great improvements while there and suggested that I contact the System. During the assessment I could see the knowledge base and experience, which is most important for me. The things that impress me most about Yusuf is his Knowledge base, experience, and him having Continue Reading

Marcus Jabari 400m Sprinter

I have been working with The System for approximately 4 months. A friend recommended me to The System and at first I was skeptical but after speaking with Yusuf I realized that everything he does aims to better me as an athlete as well as a better person. And even after a few weeks I Continue Reading

Matt L.

Over several years of receiving therapy from many different physio and massage therapists, Yusuf has been the only one able to give me lasting results. Yusuf has been able to address the root cause of my recurring sport injuries in order to allow me to train better and more effectively.

Troy Dos Santos Former Canadian National Team Member Sprints & Elite Performance Enhancement Specialist

My name is Troy Dos Santos and I’m a former professional track and field athlete at the National and International level. I have been working with The System for about 10 months to improve my condition (I was diagnosed with Concussion Syndrome) and eliminate my injuries with hopes of competing again at a high level. Continue Reading

Armando Costa Licensed FIFA Coach

On December of 1999, I had the rare privilege of integrating as a professional soccer coach the Ben Johnson International Team a group of professionals that also included Mike Hollis a nutritionist, Yusuf Omar Regeneration/ Planning & Conditioning Specialist. Our mission was to provide services to North African National Soccer Team with a comprehensive program, Continue Reading

Adrian Gorizzan Former competitive National Junior Level Road & Track Cyclist

He’s a genius! I’ve known Yusuf since I was 14yrs old. As a young aspiring cyclist, he took me under his wing a taught me what real training is all about. His views on training and recovery are unparalleled and I started producing results very quickly winning races in my age category. In 2012 I Continue Reading

Mike Whitely Long Jumper (best performance 7.60m)

My training partner Troy Dos Santos highly recommended Yusuf. What I find unique about Yusuf’s program is he has specific sport over sight that he can administer into the rehab and re-conditioning training. He also has vast level of knowledge that has helped me become more aware of how to train more effectively helping improve Continue Reading

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