Full Testimonial:
On December of 1999, I had the rare privilege of integrating as a professional soccer coach the Ben Johnson International Team a group of professionals that also included Mike Hollis a nutritionist, Yusuf Omar Regeneration/Planning & Conditioning Specialist.
Our mission was to provide services to North African National Soccer Team with a comprehensive program, in terms of coaching, recovery & regeneration and nutrition to perform at the highest level. It was then that I got to know Yusuf Omar well, both at the personal and professional level and as time went by, it was easy to identify that Yusuf, is equally blessed on both aspects.
Personally, he is extremely caring and passionate about any fellow human being and professionally, an endless researcher of new methods and understanding of how the mind and body works making him in my opinion second to none, of all the people on his field of expertise that I had the opportunity to meet and deal with throughout the World, in terms of training, recovery & regeneration and physiotherapy. Yusef’s approach to treat the root of the problem in detail, instead of the symptoms, sets him far apart from most of the conventional practitioners. I’ve witnessed many times while working abroad with Yusuf, how much his professional peers from different countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain had praise and the highest regards for his talent and knowledge. Unfortunately for me, I was diagnosed with a sciatica pinched nerve that for 4 months prevented me from performing my simple daily routines and movements such as sitting or lying down to rest or to sleep, driving the car etc. not to mention the incapability of performing my soccer duties as a professional coach. The agonizing pain and total discomfort, it was at times unbearable and causing a profound negative emotional effect on my life as it persisted. Thanks to Yusuf and his treatment methodology I’m now fully recovered. Yusuf, words cannot describe how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me; your expertise and professionalism is of the highest calibre, your kindness and friendship is endless and priceless.