Full Testimonial:
My training partner Troy Dos Santos highly recommended Yusuf.
What I find unique about Yusuf’s program is he has specific sport over sight that he can administer into the rehab and re-conditioning training. He also has vast level of knowledge that has helped me become more aware of how to train more effectively helping improve my overall performance.
It took me about 4 weeks of the training before a saw the results. The execution of my runs became more efficient Any person looking to improve their performance will benefit from working with Yusuf. His Knowledge and ability to break athletes down is a gift that you can’t learn. Any athlete working with Yusuf will be at an advantage over there competitors (i.e. service, obtained better performance, professionalism, higher standard of business practice, able to deliver performance in a very short period of time with “outside the box” conditioning & regenerative methods)