“Simplicity is Complexity in Reverse” – Michelangelo –
“The greatest medicine is to show people how not to need it” – Hippocrates –







About The System

  • * Boutique-Style Service for Discerning Individuals
  • * Building One Athlete at a Time
  • * Custom Speed, Recovery & Wellness Programs for All Sports & Active Individuals

33+ Years of Proven Experience Consulting to:

Professional Athletes   * Chronically Injured   * Concussed Athletes   * Youth Athletes  High School Athletes   * College Athletes      * Active Individuals


Speed   * Strength   * Power   * Endurance   * Balance & Co-ordination   * Flexibility & Mobility   * Agility     Nutrition   * Regeneration   * Sport Vision

* In Less Time   * With Less Effort   * With Less Injury Potential   

* With Faster Recovery   * With Less Cost

“World-Class Proven Conditioning & Regeneration Methods. Work Smarter, Not Harder” 

“Raise Your Game with Next Level Athletic Preparation”

TheSystem's 4 Gear Process showing progression from phase 1 to phase 4 and the changing importance of exercise type (i.e. structural fitness, structural performance, performance conditioning, peak-performance conditioning) and lifestyle elements (i.e. decreasing importance of biochemical, environmental, and mental factors as physical performance develops)

“A 360-Degree 4-Gear Integrated Approach to Conditioning & Regeneration Addressing Blockages to Athletic Performance & Wellness” 


About Yusuf Omar

The founder of The System

Yusuf Omar, creator of The System, holding running blocks

Yusuf Omar, is known to most, as a “Physical Mercenary for Hire”, and is regarded as one of the top athletic speed & conditioning movement specialist (Integrated High Performance Athletic Enhancement & Regeneration Specialist).

Over the past 33+ years, Yusuf has devoted the majority of his time training speed & proper regeneration techniques to all ages and abilities. He has been the ‘go to’ speed training expert for everyone from various semi-pro & professional organizations and to up and coming youth athletes.