Full Testimonial:
He’s a genius! I’ve known Yusuf since I was 14yrs old. As a young aspiring cyclist, he took me under his wing a taught me what real training is all about. His views on training and recovery are unparalleled and I started producing results very quickly winning races in my age category.
In 2012 I went snowboarding in Vail Colorado. A few nasty spills later, I had a concussion and an injured shoulder/rotator cuff. Most likely a nerve impingement. I didn’t even bother going to the doctor. I walked into his office a mess, but walked out 3hrs later ‘floating’. I had regained full mobility in my shoulder and drastically minimized the ‘fogginess’ associated with concussions. I was in awe!
In 2000, I severely sprained my left ankle. Torn ligaments, swollen, black and blue. With his treatment protocols, I was walking within 3 days and had fully recovered and resumed training within 3 weeks. This would normally be a one-two month process anywhere else. 3 weeks! Very impressive! These are just a few notable stories of many that I have.
I would highly recommend his services if you are looking to:
• Achieve peak physical fitness for competition in any sport
• Recover from long standing injuries that has EVERYONE else baffled.
This guy is the real deal!