We Offer Three Main Services:

Speed & Regeneration Overview

What Do We Offer?

Conditioning & Regeneration is both art & science:

  • The art is a skill that is being acquired through constant feedback (i.e. vital wisdom, intuition, knowledge & experience) how to develop Mobility, Flexibility, Speed, Strength, Power & Endurance7
  • The science is knowing how to develop Mobility, Flexibility, Speed, Strength, Power & Endurance, using various scientific methodologies
  • The flexibility to change (i.e. to be able to adapt to the constant flux of sport & in the athlete’s body, as in response to various training, nutrition & regenerative stimuli), requires a comprehensive conditioning & nutrition plan to act as a roadmap for achieving short & long-term goals

Our Main Goals are:

  • To create a “Custom-er” Solution for you that fits your:
    • Goals
    • Time constraints
    • Budget
    • Commitment level
  • To provide the finest most innovative performance conditioning & regenerative methodologies, that cannot be found in contemporary conditioning facilities, & are all seamlessly woven to create maximum gains efficiently & ethically

Our clients are:

  • Highly motivated
  • Results oriented
  • Want positive outcomes in less time & with less effort

Our clients range from:

  • The de-conditioned
  • The chronically injured
  • Those seeking higher performance

We offer specialized training programs in the following categories:

  • Preparing Children for Sports
  • All High School Sports
  • All Collegiate Sports
  • All Professional Sports
  • NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB Combine Training
  • Military Training
  • Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
  • General Fitness for Men/Women

Our programs focus on a few key elements:

  • Teach you how “YOU” work
  • Form lasting habits
  • See significant, periodical, appreciable results, so you can stop guessing and SEE for yourself
  • Learn what is potentially holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Eat exactly what you need to get the results you desire
  • You will receive a custom nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle and physiognomy
  • Optimize the time you spend while performing physical activity
  • Discover what supplements will work for you
  • Learn what REALLY works for you, with regards to your eating and exercise
  • Fix problems that will alter your physique before they happen
  • Learn Advanced level Regeneration / Recovery techniques to accelerate your training
  • Build the body you want, in the fastest possible time

“When you walk 10 steps The System, will take the other 100 for you…When you succeed we succeed”

1) Conditioning: Integrated Conditioning (IC)

ISBW, FMC, AND IC connect in triangle with emphasis on IC

TheSystem's 4 Gear Process showing progression from phase 1 to phase 4 and the changing importance of exercise type (i.e. structural fitness, structural performance, performance conditioning, peak-performance conditioning) and lifestyle elements (i.e. decreasing importance of biochemical, environmental, and mental factors as physical performance develops)

  1. Structural Fitness (i.e. structural or postural physical intelligence, flexibility, mobility & conditioning small muscles out of gravity)
  2. Structural Performance (i.e. structural postural movement physical intelligence, flexibility, mobility, pliability & conditioning small & large muscles out of gravity, & learning how to meet the body’s inertia)
  3. Performance Conditioning (i.e. performance physical intelligence involving speed, strength, power, pliability, conditioning small & large muscles in gravity, learning how to overcome the body’s inertia)

Integrated Conditioning (IC) is an intelligently designed conditioning grounded in:

  • Bio-mechanics
  • Neurology & Proprioception (i.e. sensory input & output)
  • Fascial anatomy
  • Built around certain fundamental conditioning principles
  • Basic Foundational Movement Patterns (BFMP)

There are hundreds of different exercises, but they are all derivatives of Basic Foundational Movement Patterns (BFMP), which Integrated Conditioning (IC) tries to [Re]-Establish:

  • Squatting 
  • Hip Hinging
  • Vertical & Horizontal Pulling
  • Vertical & Horizontal Pressing
  • Rotational Movements (lying, kneeling, standing, lunging)
  • Gait (i.e. Walking, Lunging, Jogging, Running, Sprinting)

These Basic Foundational Movement Patterns (BFMP) are the backbone of a sound conditioning program, & the optimization of these movement patterns will:

  • Enhance overall performance
  • Optimize Neuro-Muscular Function
  • Build Strength & Tension in the correct areas of your body

which is the key to unlocking athletic potential & to the optimization of the various conditioning elements (i.e. speed, strength, mobility, power, endurance etc…)

For non-athletes, this will mean the ability to perform activities, in both sport & lifestyle, with:

  • a reduced chance of injury
  • achievement of your health goals sooner

Each sport has required movements to maximize performance:

  • Agility: The ability to change direction quickly and efficiently, with minimal loss of speed
  • Plyometrics: Exercises that exert maximum force in short intervals of time via harnessing the elastic properties of the muscles, which in turn increase speed and strength
  • Explosive power: The ability to generate large amounts of force in a relatively short period of time, often in a single motion
  • Acceleration: Is the rate of increase in speed
  • Speed: The maximum rate of movement over a set distance relative to time
  • Speed-endurance: The ability to extend the amount of time at maximal speed 
  • Maximum strength: The voluntarily largest amount of force that a muscle or a group of muscle can produce, irrespective of time
  • Corrective exercise: A combination of traditional body building exercises and specific physical therapy that aims to improve postural alignment and local optimal muscle function
  • Flexibility: The range of motion a joint or series of joints can go through, relative to the length-tension relationships of various muscles and the shape of a joint
  • Mobility: The ability to move the body or specific joint with ease and without discomfort
  • Pliability: A combination of flexibility, mobility & speed
  • Sport Vision training: The ability to improve hand-limb-eye coordination to improve athletic performance (e.g. anticipate and hit a fast-moving ball), via specific eye training and other neurological exercises

These conditioning elements are dependent on having good Basic Foundational Movement Patterns (BFMP), hence proper conditioning will result in:

  • Results sooner rather than later
  • Ease of motion
  • Being faster
  • Faster Reaction time
  • Better Co-ordination
  • Better Flexibility & Mobility within minimal time
  • Lighter on their feet
  • Improved reaction time
  • Have more power with less effort
  • Less risk of injury (i.e. pain relief & concussion management)

2) Nutrition: Functional Medicine Coaching (FCM)

ISBW, FMC, AND IC connect in triangle with emphasis on FMC

  • Detailed lifestyle and metabolic analysis: Detailed analysis of body composition (including body water, body fat, lean muscle, metabolic rate, etc) and lifestyle factors that contribute to overall metabolic health
    • Hormonal and Neurotransmitter Profiling: Learn how to encourage the body’s own muscle building and healing abilities by naturally maximizing anabolic hormones (testosterone and growth hormone) and nervous system functioning (acetylcholine, dopamine)
      • Custom Meal & Supplement Plans: Learn to efficiently prepare meals that work for your body type and athletic lifestyle
        • Guided Grocery Shopping: Learn how to shop for groceries by developing a “pre-during-post shopping” routine
        • Time-Saving Meal Preparation & Cooking Tips: Learn cooking and preparation techniques that make the most efficient use of time while delivering nutrient rich, tasty meals

        exploring the root (nutritional) causes of problems

        3) Recovery & Regeneration: Integrated Structural Body Work (ISBW) & Other Means

        ISBW, FMC, AND IC connect in triangle with emphasis on ISBW

        TheSystem.ca excels in thing requiring chiro, kinesiology, and active rehab/everyday life (i.e. post acute recovery).

        Defining of Recovery & Regeneration

        The psychological, social & physical restoration of the body from the physiological stress response, following a bout of activity, to enhance overall performance. 

        Self-sustained Injuries should not be a part of sports, hence we help lay the foundation of generalized athletic conditioning, that later leads to more complex movements, & along the way manage the predictability of injuries, so the athlete can maintain a relatively injury free career. Decreasing injury potential takes away energy that is being inefficiently utilized and puts it back into the athlete’s system, thereby increasing performance. Only then can more complex movements be entertained.

        Science has known of the body’s ability to repair itself for centuries. The challenge has been how to encourage and guide the repair process using natural, non-intrusive methods. The System has developed a multi stage approach encompassing ISBW to help the body naturally heal from injuries.

        ISBW has been shown to significantly improve healing time when combined with other methods including osteopathy, cupping, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release (IASTR).

        Osteopathy & Structural Body Work – is a form of soft tissue technique that emphasizes manual re-adjustments to release muscle tissue, bones & myofascia, that efficiently re-align global posture

        Other self-regeneration methods:

        • Cupping –  involves placing ‘cups’ on specific body areas, that adhere to the skin via suction, in order to facilitate increased blood flow
        • Gua-Sha – is a form of soft tissue technique in which a sterile object is used to ‘scrape’ the skin in order to promote blood flow & ‘breakdown’ superficial soft tissue adhesions

        Concussion Management

        While usually not life threatening, concussions are still a serious injury. Resulting from a blow or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth; a concussion can result in chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretched and damaged brain cells.

        Symptoms can include:

        • Anxiety and depression
        • Balance and dizziness disorders
        • Difficulty concentrating
        • Difficulty looking at phones and computer screens
        • Digestive disturbances (including food intolerances)
        • Difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly
        • Blurred vision
        • Headaches
        • Insomnia and/or fatigue
        • Intolerance to crowded environments, like shopping malls and events
        • Light and sound sensitivity
        • Loss of gaze fixation
        • Memory problems
        • Nausea &/or vomiting

        For most concussions, physical and mental rest are the best medicine for the first 10 days. After that, come therapy can be introduced to aid in the healing. The System has developed a unique program to help manage the symptoms associated with concussions.

        Participation in the Concussion Management program takes between (1-3) to (5-6) months, depending upon the nature of the concussion. It starts with weekly visits, working towards six-week intervals. The goal is to have the athlete regain mental focus, have more energy, and return to their sport sooner.

        Step 1

        • Related symptoms are identified through a questionnaire and third party testing.
        • Triggers that can worsen symptoms or lead to further damage are identified.
        • A custom program is designed.

        Step 2

        Management will include home-based exercises combined with deep tissue massages and mild osteopathic work. Diet will also be examined and adjusted in order to further manage symptoms. Studies have shown certain foods can increase or decrease inflammation. The goal is to have the athlete on an anti-inflammatory diet.

        Step 3

        Third party concussion testing will measure the severity of the symptoms compared to the beginning of the program. Depending on the progress the athlete has made, the program may end or some additional sessions may be suggested.

        Benefits of ISBW

        • “3–D” breathing (i.e. expansion of the chest cavity in all directions & from all areas, giving a sensation of deeper & easier breathing)
        • Stimulates & soothes digestion
        • Lowers blood pressure
        • Lubricates joints easing stiffness & increasing range of motion
        • Breaks down scar tissue
        • Lengthens the spine
        • Enhances recovery from traumatic experiences
        • Improves Sleep Quality
        • Greater balance  
        • Increases proprioception & Increases sensation of “feeling lighter” & Increases body sensory awareness (feeling of your feet ‘firmer’ to the ground)
        • Balances Anabolic hormones
        • Boosts your immune system
        • Increases flexibility & strength
        • Improves postural alignment (i.e. feeling more upright & appearance of being slimmer & taller
        • Improves athletic performance

        • Improves muscle firing patterns
        • Stimulates the elimination of toxins ‘trapped’ between tight tissue via the stimulation of increased circulation of lymph
        • Eases mental tension by calming the nervous system
        • Reduces fatigue & exhaustion
        • Increases mobility
        • Alleviates chronic pain due tight muscles

        Since ISBW touches every system of the body, it is also essential to inform us of any existing health conditions so that we can modify your session appropriately