Full Testimonial:
I have been working with The System for approximately 4 months. A friend recommended me to The System and at first, I was skeptical but after speaking with Yusuf I realized that everything he does aims to better me as an athlete as well as a better person. And even after a few weeks I noticed huge changes in my performance, my flexibility and the strength that I needed to become a better sprinter. The things that impressed me the most about the system was that Yusuf used techniques that you normally wouldn’t see. I noticed an immediate change due to ongoing activation of my nervous system. Yusuf was very professional and he taught me how to listen to my body so that I don’t push myself to the point where I injure myself. Since I began working with Yusuf, I have dropped three seconds in the 400m and I plan to drop another three seconds in a few months.
Overtime after working with the system I’ve noticed that my spring after my foot touches the ground is becoming more powerful so I’m spending less time on the ground which means that most the time I am in the air which equals to faster times and less work and stress loads on my body. I have also noticed a reduction of restrictive movements as well as a lesser risk of injury potential which is a big thing for me since I had big problems with my hamstrings in the past and now that I’ve learned to listen to my body and react to what it’s telling me my injury potential has reduced exponentially.