What is The System?

Who Are We?

What we are NOT:

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches, who primarily focus on strength training
  • Speed Coaches, who primarily focus on speed development
  • A Corporate Fitness Facility &/ or Gym catering to the mass market
  • A place to ‘workout’ (i.e. burn calories & get a good sweat going”), it is a centre for athletes young & old to Train & develop (i.e. enhance their physical & neurological potential)
  • We do Not give our athletes generic “cookie-cutter …one size-fits-all” group programs
  • We don’t make our athlete’s:
  • “Flip giant truck tires”
  • “Wield sledgehammers”
  • “Push cars”
  • “Perform Circus Tricks on Unstable Objects”

“Conventional High School & College strength & conditioning methodologies do not adequately address the needs of the individual athletes & fall far short in terms of properly preparing athletes for their sports”

What we ARE:

“We are Physical Mercenaries for hire that specialize in Performance Enhancement …providing Conditioning & Regenerative services to elite athletes, sports clubs & individuals, for over 33 years”

  • Our approach is simple – What is the one thing that every athlete wants immediately? “RESULTS!”
  • We are a Boutique service for those individuals that are goal orientated & are committed to getting results in the fastest time & with the least amount of effort
  • We are for the discerning clientele, who desire a high level of personal privacy, information confidentiality & professional service
  • We are highly qualified & have:
  • Real world experience
  • Multidisciplinary synergistic approach to Athletic Conditioning & Regeneration
  • We have a perennial perspective (i.e. wisdom that has been tried & trued from highly respected individuals) w.r.t. to Athletic Conditioning & Regeneration
  • We have developed a unique approach to the assessment and correction of the root cause(s) of most biomechanical problems, where training and other forms of intervention have not been successful
  • We have successfully coached clients to greater than 90% resolution of their biomechanical problems and performance related queries
  • We have produced superior results where others have not been successful
  • We believe our clients innately know what their solutions are, they’re just not aware, hence we are only a resource for you to make an educated decision
  • We believe a long-term, disciplined, well managed training plan is the best approach to a successful outcome, as it enables mistakes that most individual conditioning coaches consistently make to be avoided
  • We believe Athletes need to outsource some of their training to experts in the field, to obtain greater insight into their training and nutrition before embarking on their own
  • We believe in establishing excellent rapport, respect, & trust with our client

I extend a warm welcome to try our services, see for yourself how they can benefit your athletic experience.

“Your Passion + Our Knowledge = Success”

What Do We Do?

Provide the finest up to date professional, innovative and most exclusively integrated, high-performance short (i.e. 1 to 4 months) and long-term training model (i.e. 1 to 8 years plus – depending upon the time of year and physical maturity), that implements:

  • A detailed proprietary assessment process
  • Talent identification
  • Physical conditioning (i.e. strength, speed, power, muscular endurance, plyometrics, agility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance)
  • Nutritional solutions
  • Postural corrective solutions (i.e. joint stability, range of motion, fascial malleability) regeneration methodology

Utilize cutting-edge perennial conditioning philosophies embodied by our team of specialists, customized to your goals & special needs, all seamlessly woven to create:

  • Maximum gains with minimal risk
  • Wellness
  • Address specific individual weaknesses
  • Maintain your strengths
  • Reduce injury potential
  • Accelerate & enhance regeneration
  • Remove barriers that prevent you from taking you to the next level (i.e. achieving your genetic potential)

Improve your current state from baseline values & prepare you for the rigors of competition:

  • Efficiently
  • Ethically
  • In the least possible amount of time
  • With minimal effort

“Can a Volkswagen become a Porche? No, but it can become a better performing Volkswagen”

…Whilst moving away from:

  • Out-dated,
  • ‘Cookie-Cutter’,
  • ‘One-size-fits-all’,
  • ‘Conveyor-belt’ training methods

“Train smarter, not harder”

Our Mission

To deliver a comprehensive 360-Degree Integrated approach to high performance athletic sport-specific program design, Health & Wellness, that identifies & corrects the blockages to health & wellness & athletic prowess. 

The System 360-Degree Approach to Athletic Performance & Wellness

“Integrity Over Profits… Health & Athletic Performance Beyond Numbers… Function Beyond Form… Goods & Service Beyond Expectations… Results Beyond Traditional Forms of Conditioning…Nutrition & Regeneration”

To empower athlete’s of all ages, through, a proven time & time again proprietary Conditioning, Regeneration & Monitoring Methodology; that increases:

✓  Speed
✓  Acceleration
✓  Speed Endurance
✓  Elastic Properties of Muscle
✓  Explosive Strength
✓  Maximal Strength
✓  Posture
✓  Pliability (i.e. combination of flexibility, mobility & speed)
✓  Lean Muscle Tissue & decreases Body Fat
✓  Reduces Injury Potential,
✓  Increases Confidence
✓  Wellness

To help every athlete & active individual reach new levels of athletic performance & overcome setbacks due to injury, via a thorough personalized conditioning & recovery program, that encompasses:

  • Core conditioning principles
  • Sports & wellness nutrition
  • Myofascial body work using various modalities
  • Overall daily lifestyle, daily ergonomics & wellness

Being physically fit & healthy is about more than just exercise, it encompasses a “360-Degree” balanced approach between:

  • Conditioning (i.e. speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility & mobility),
  • Nutrition (i.e. Pre-During-Post Exercise nutrition
  • Recovery (i.e. sleep, sauna, self soft tissue release, liver detoxification, elimination, gastro-intestinal health, home corrective exercises, flexibility & mobility)
  • Environmental Modifications

The System combines all these factors, in a personalized combination, to help you meet your athletic & fitness needs

Whether you’re a pro athlete, a fitness buff, or just want to stay strong, there’s a  “360-Degree” program that will help you reach your fitness goals.

“Changing the Standard in Athletic Preparation & Regeneration”

  • The System is breaking new ground & pushing the status quo via developing all aspects of athleticism, that leads to comprehensive high performance
  • The System is a Private “Boutique” By-Appointment Only facility, catering to a discerning clientele, who prefer one-on-one coaching or working in small groups
  • The System has developed professional expertise in this niche area in an effort to better serve athletes in need of proper Conditioning, Regeneration, Nutrition, and Long Term Planning
✓ Conditioning

Integrated Conditioning (IC):

  • Agility

  • Plyometrics

  • Explosive power

  • Acceleration

  • Speed

  • Speed-endurance

  • Maximum strength

  • Corrective exercise

  • Flexibility & mobility work

  • Sport Vision training

✓ Regeneration

Integrated Structural Body Work (ISBW):

  • Osteopathy

  • Fascial Release

  • Other self-regeneration methods

✓ Nutrition

Integrated Metabolic Nutrition (IMN):

   Detailed lifestyle & metabolic analysis

   Hormonal & neurotransmitter profiling

✓ Long Term Planning

Coming Soon…


  • The System is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ program that most facilities offer
  • The System only works with individuals or small groups at any onetime
  • The System is not for everyone, only those who want more than what is offered currently by other training facilities
  • The System has over 33+ Years of experience in Conditioning & Regeneration
  • The System specializes in assisting athlete’s of all types of speed-power sports:

Football     ✓ Basketball     ✓ Swimming            

✓ Hockey      ✓ Tennis             ✓ Race Car Drivers

✓ Soccer         ✓ Volleyball      ✓ 100m, 200m         

✓ Baseball     ✓ Golf                  ✓ 400m & 800m     

The System is an integrated approach to athletic performance, active lifestyle, health & wellness. It is designed to help you build muscle, reduce fat, improve conditioning, lower stress, decrease injury potential, and improve overall health.

Both professional and amateur athletes have used The System as a rehabilitation tool to recover from sports related injuries & improve performance. In many cases, they have returned to their sport in better condition than before they got injured. The System has also been used by athletes as a tool to elevate their careers by achieving a higher level of strength and conditioning.

For non-athletes, The System has proven to be an efficient and highly effective way to increase muscle, lose weight, have more energy, and improve mobility.

State Of The Art Practices

The System is up to date with the latest industry Conditioning, Nutrition & Regenerative Methodologies

The System is centrally located in the North end of Toronto, just off the Allen Expressway

The System is a fully equipped High Performance Conditioning Facility

The System has easy access to two running tracks & fields, located within 5 to 10 min. from our facility

The System provides daily & weekly Monitoring of Training Status

The System provides Free handouts on Conditioning, Nutrition & Regeneration

The System provides weekly Mini-seminars on Conditioning, Nutrition & Regeneration

The System provides discounts on brand name Supplements, Clothing, Shoes & Exercise Equipment

The System provides easily accessible One-to-One communication to clients

When Working with The System, you will see an increase in...

“In the early stages of athletic development, predominantly 80%-95% of the sensory input comes from the eyes (i.e. the brain is telling the body how to move). In the latter stages of athletic development, the body tells the brain”

✓ Explosive Strength [Rate of Force Development (RFD)] 
✓ First-Step Acceleration
✓ Speed & Speed-Endurance
✓ Acceleration
✓ Starting Strength 
✓ Speed-Strength 
✓ Strength-Speed
✓ Skill-Strength 
✓ Central Nervous System (CNS) firing & Neuromuscular Efficiency
✓ Maximum Strength
✓ Stronger Ligaments & Tendons 
✓ Postural Symmetry 
✓ Intermuscular & Intramuscular Co-ordination 
✓ Tendon + Ligament Reflexes & Muscle Elasticity
✓ Myofascial & Bone Structure
✓ Flexibility & Mobility
✓ Postural Muscle Activation 
✓ Strength in Multiple Planes 
✓ Sport Vision (hand-eye co-ordination, focus & tracking, peripheral awareness, depth perception, anticipation)
✓ Strength & Endurance in Tonic Musculature (i.e. Postural Muscles) 
✓ Lean Body Mass (LBM) (i.e. muscle)
✓ Abdominal Musculature Endurance, Strength & Activation 
✓ Rotator Cuff Strength & Stability
✓ Neck Strength & Stability
✓ Strength & Stability
✓ Foot & Ankle
✓ Knee & Hip
✓ Neck & Shoulder
✓ Wrist & Hand
✓ Muscular Symmetry 
✓ Gait (i.e. walking & sprinting mechanics)
✓ Athletic Intelligence 
✓ Balance & Proprioception 
✓ Body System Communication (i.e. organs, limbs & brain)
✓ Sense of Rhythm 
✓ Dexterity
✓ Sleep Quality
✓ Intercellular Water (water in the cell) 
✓ Circulation in lymph, blood, the Removal of Waste & the Deliverance of Nutrients 
✓ Anabolic Hormonal profile (i.e. Growth Hormone & Testosterone) 

When Working with The System, you will see a decrease in...

✗ Reaction Time
✗ Regeneration Time
✗ Body Fat 
✗ Wasted Energy Expenditure
✗ Pain & Discomfort 
✗ Tight Tissue 
✗ Joint Restriction & Instability
✗ Improper Muscle Firing
✗ Post Conditioning Regeneration time 
✗ Overall Facial Tension & Muscle Tissue Restrictions

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