One of the remarkable qualities of connective tissue is its tremendous capacity for change under the correct amount of strategic pressure  (i.e. compression/torsion/expansion and/or rolling of connective tissue and/or bone, which positively alters tissue distortion in muscle, nerve and tendon), around anatomically efficient lines of connective tissue, which are determined by the tensional relationship the body has with gravity. This procedure has been coined MYOGELOSIS (a.k.a. tissue plasticity – moving from a relatively solid state to a gel-like state, which is extremely pliable).

However, the true brilliance of ISBW arises from the ability to harness this tissue change via a subtle series of mindful, choreographed movement and pressure ((i.e. using the hands and sometimes the flat of the elbow), that is synchronization with the client’s breath, and in some instances, with the addition of active movement on behalf of the client, to accelerate the release/softening of connective tissue. This creates a “piezoelectric” effect (i.e. is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The word Piezoelectric is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press, and piezo, which is Greek for “push”), which mitigates soft tissue distortions in the connective tissue, creating a variety of healing responses: physical, chemical and emotional.


This softening of tissue, allow the peripheral nervous system and connective tissue to “re-calibrate” itself. This “re-calibration” can positively influence pain, reduce congestion, and inflammation. This process is at the heart of ISBW. 

The work is a mind-full organic combination of art & high tactile intelligent communication. Each session contains goals and intentions. The work is deliberate, slow, using the right depth and pressure to achieve natural rebalancing of bio-geographical resting tonus of various soft tissue structures, in a proportionate relationship to other areas of the body. 



Sessions are performed is different according to the uniqueness of each individual.

Each session continues and adds to the accomplishments of the previous session; enlisting more and more of the body’s natural tension, to shift towards a new state of structural balance. At the same time, setting the body up for the following session, as each session builds on the next,.

Sessions typically last about 75 – 90 minutes, sometimes longer, depending if homework is given.

The number of sessions required, is usually between 6 to 12. Some individuals have obtained results on less than 3 sessions!  However, typically most individuals do not require more than 6. The sessions themselves are spaced out over a period of 2 to 3 month period, sometimes up to 6 months, depending upon the nature of the soft tissue distortions.

Once the series of sessions are done, and as long as you maintain the self-myofascial release and other conditioning elements, your need for ISBW will be significantly diminished. Periodically, our clients to come back, for “touch-up” sessions, but this have been on rare instances. Some of our clients, due to their busy schedules, and other time commitments, feel they need “touch-up” sessions more frequently.

The body gradually unwinds and lengthens, area-by-area, session-by-session, uncovering a structure that is more at ease in the gravitational field (i.e. the soft tissue has more length, is stronger and has less restrictions upon movement). 

Each session has a goal. If the client does there part, via Corrective Exercise Homework. As well as the specialized conditioning that is done at our facility, the goals for each session will be met, and progress can be exponential.

“Motion is Lotion”

The corrective Exercise sessions allow you to learn & to feel and recognize the old habits and patterns. This gives you a base line from which to recognize the new potential created at eh table. Awareness is the beginning of change. As the series progresses, more freedom and alignment in your body become available for you to experiment with. You will discover new ways of using your body that are less taxing-ways that are based on the new pattern.


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