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The core of our service – we help you perform beyond expectation.


Detailed Lifestyle & Metabolic Analysis to ensure nutrition is in-line with your goals.


Ensure your body recovers at its optimal rate.

Long Term Planning

We work with you to ensure your hard work lasts.

Athletic Performance Beyond Numbers … Function Beyond Form … Service Beyond Expectations

Customized Programs designed for your need

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For athletes of all levels: Youth, High School, College and professionals.

Weekend Warriors

Looking to level up your recreational sports performance. We can help!


If you’re an agent looking to level up your professional clients game, see how we can help.

About Elite Athletic Performance

We are a private “boutique” by appointment-only facility, catering to a discerning clientele, who prefer one-on-one coaching or working in small groups.

We have developed professional expertise in this niche area in an effort to better serve athletes in need of high quality services.

EAP is:

  • up-to-date with the latest industry conditioning, nutrition & regenerative Methodologies
  • centrally Located in the North end of Toronto, just off the Allen Expressway
  • fully equipped High Performance Conditioning Facility

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“It’s a shame for a person to grow old and not realize the full potential of their body”

– Plato –

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At The System we specialize in obtaining 20 to 40% improvement in athletics, in one of several ways: sometimes within 1 or 2 sessions of work Within 4 to 6 sessions of work or, Ideally, within 1 session! Having said this, and taking a look at Usain Bolt's past...

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