At The System we specialize in obtaining 20 to 40% improvement in athletics, in one of several ways:

  • sometimes within 1 or 2 sessions of work
  • Within 4 to 6 sessions of work
  • or, Ideally, within 1 session!

Having said this, and taking a look at Usain Bolt’s past performances, it begs the question how fast can he go. Some have speculated that he is capable of running sub 9.5!!!. But, we at The System, feel that this can only be fully realized if he and his coaching staff begin to address the “few kinks in the armor.”7

In looking at Mr. Bolts running style, we feel these are potentially the areas’s of Mechanical Breakdown. The simpletons answer is to go in and address these bio-mechanical weaknesses. We are not denying that reality, however, what we are saying, is there could be more to those weaknesses, beyond the scope of simple corrective exercises.8


Upon analyzing the more recent videos of Mr. Bolt, we at The System have found the following potential weaknesses:

  • The start – the R arm needs to able to clear back much further, but also maintaining a slight bend at the elbow.
  • The start – the L arm needs to be driven up higher and with a more pronounced 90 deg. angle.
  • The start – the only movement that he needs to concentrate on at the start is driving that L arm up past the level of his head.
  • The Drive Phase – so far looks good, although there is some instability of potentially his R ankle / foot complex, leading to a mechanical breakdown all the way up the chain, of perhaps 5 to 10%.
  • The Drive Phase – the L arm “breaks” at the elbow.
  • Maximum Speed – there appears to be a weakness of the R Transverse Abdominalis and possibly a L Psoas weakness as well.6
  • Maximum Speed – potential weakness in the L External Obliques.
  • Maximum Speed – potential weakness of the Elastic Recoil form the Lat. muscles, resulting form improper hand and wrist position.


An aside: there could also be some neurological weakness, from his prior car accident, resulting in the ‘shut down’ of his Sensory Nervous System, which incidentally, could be related to some of the potential weaknesses we presented earlier.