Youth Athletes (ages 12-14)

“The greatest medicine is to show people how not to need it” – Hippocrates

For many youth in this age group, there is a focus on a specific sport or activity. However, effective training methods and proper warm-up habits have likely not been introduced. The System’s training curriculum for this age group focuses on regeneration and progressing athletic movement with an introduction to speed mechanics, weight lifting and spotting.

Benefits from The System's training:
  • Character Development: instilling a positive character or attitude towards peers, parents and coaches fosters a strong work ethic, which can lead to success in sport and in life
  • Learn conditioning terminology and regeneration techniques
  • Instilling an active healthy lifestyle through nutrition
  • Strength Training Preparation through the utilization of body-weight exercises and medicine ball exercises
  • Development foundation of correct bio-mechanics of all movement patterns (Running, Jumping, Pushing, Pulling, Throwing, Catching) coordination and general athleticism

Low-Level Plyometrics Training
  • Double-Leg Jumps
  • Low-Level Hops
  • Low-Level Skips
Improvement of Range of Motion
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Static Flexibility
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Flexibility
  • Functional Strength Exercises
  • Active and Passive Mobility
  • Increased pliability (i.e. combination of flexibility, mobility & speed)
Strength Enhancement
  • Core Strength Exercises
  • Body Weight Strength                                  
  • Functional Strength Exercises
  • Swiss-Ball Conditioning
  • Pool Conditioning
  • Foot and Ankle Mobility / Strengthening
Speed & Acceleration
  • Speed is a skill that can be taught, therefore a majority of athletes can improve their speed
  • Any athlete or physically active person can benefit from speed training 
  • Exposure to maximal sprint speed develops speed, but sometimes you need to go back to go forward, in order to reduce the risk of injury by establishing good sprinting technique via running & general conditioning drills, as well as proper regeneration  
  • Sprint-specific drills can assist athletes to develop a better understanding and efficiency, as well as a ‘feel’ for the technical elements required to sprint

“Speed is movement & sensation in reverse”

  • Speed training when done correctly & in the right amount, is one of the best forms of exercise & improves all other physical qualities such as:
    • Strength
    • Explosive power
    • Co-ordination
    • Pliability (i.e. Flexibility + Mobility + Stability + Elasticity)
    • Agility
    • Acceleration
    • Proper running & sprint biomechanics
  • The System’s Speed Training Program is based on tried & trued methods that have produced results in less time, with less effort & with less injury potential
  • The System’s program is trusted by teams & various individual athletes ranging from football to baseball, to basketball, to hockey & many other sports
  • A sound speed training program should address:
    • Foot & ankle strength & mobility
    • Hip & leg strength &power
    • Mid-section & lower back strength, flexibility & endurance
    • Technique 
    • Overall strength 
    • Power development
    • Range of Motion
    • Pliability (i.e. Flexibility + Mobility + Stability + Elasticity)
    • Inter & Intramuscular Co-ordination
    • Bone strength & density
  • A key, often overlooked, element w.r.t speed training is the application of both Monitoring of Training Response & Regeneration methodologies, hence sometimes the best speed comes not from sprinting, but from soft-tissue flexibility & mobility sessions
  • The System’s program provides a high-quality coaching, conditioning & regeneration methodology, that is proactive, autonomous & utilizing progressive coaching methodology, that instills a strong work ethic, discipline, dedication & direction needed to achieve high performance
I. Speed Training for Speed-Power Sports
  • Speed Training ideal for athletes who run and perform agile movements such as:
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Tennis
    • Ball Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Baseball to name a few
  • Our Speed Training Program is beneficial to any athlete whose main sport requires fast bursts of speed, power and speed-endurance.  

  • Our program is focused on increasing explosiveness and dynamic movement to enable athletes to move faster with less effort.  
  • We also focus on strength, movement and balance to ensure a well-rounded training program for your athlete.  
  • Speed Training is one of the most important aspects that should be incorporated for all athletes who serve to benefit from it. 
  • Speed Training involves the increase in muscle power through both speed, technical guidance and increased range of motion. 
  • As athletes enter each stage of Speed Training, the exercises and drills become easier with greater explosive force behind each repetition.  
  • By improving the amount of force that muscles can produce and accept from the ground, athletes will be on the right path to running faster, jumping higher and changing direction quicker. 
  • Speed Training drills increase agility and speed with specific movements and sprinting techniques. 
  • Over time, the muscles ability to generate power and increase in fast twitch muscle fibres increases over time. 
  • By using the use of weighted resistance or speed enhancers to force fast twitch muscles into overdrive, Speed training increases the athlete’s ability to perform well. 
  • Through exercises like sprinting and agility drills involving jumping, bounding or hopping motions, athletes gain experience and muscle memory that mimic movement that take place during a game and/or practice situation.
II. Team Sport Speed Training
  • Our programs target plyometric, interval, speed and strength training to provide explosive strength and endurance training while providing injury prevention strategies.  

  • Our Team Sport-Specific Training Programs offer customized programs for your team designed to improve your team’s strength, endurance, explosiveness, speed and agility.

  • Same as our Individual Speed-Power Program, but catering to a group setting.
III. Learn to Train & Train to Learn Sprint & Running Program
  • Our Train to Learn how to Run Program is for all of those athletes out there of any ability and skill that want to learn how to run more efficiently and stay fit.
  • Our program will teach you all that you need to know about running to get you ready for your goals.
  • Ideal for those who want to get faster & be more efficient in events such as:
    • 100m
    • 200m
    • 400m 
    • 1500m
    • 5K to 10K  
    • & all other running events

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