Information for Parents

We have been offering our approach to conditioning & regeneration for the past 33+ years, to those discerning individuals that demand:

  • Refinement of Service
  • Progressive, systematic, time & pressure tested, yet conservative, approach to conditioning & regeneration
  • Results in less time
  • Results with less effort 
  • Results with decreased injury potential

We emphasize integration & generalization over division & specialization, which lies in a happy medium between empirical scientific observation & the art of intuitive experiential wisdom, that we have cultivated working with a variety of individuals, ranging from: 

  • Youth athletes
  • To a world record holder
  • To health & wellness enthusiasts 
  • & To chronically injured individuals

Currently, in the conditioning industry, athletes & parents alike are not being educated on proper safe conditioning & regeneration methods; not only to improve performance, but to avoid doing any harm in the process.

There are too many trainers out there who use their athlete’s progress in the gym & post clips to various social media platforms, only to fulfill their own selfish egotistical desires via show-casing their athletes to the rest of the world, & in doing so, in our opinion, violating ethical boundaries, as well as potentially placing their clients’ health & well-being at risk of injury vs. just doing their job and letting the on-field/one-ice results speak for themselves.

Self-sustained Injuries should not be part of sports, hence we help lay the foundation of generalized athletic conditioning, that later leads to more complex movements, & along the way manage the predictability of injuries, so the athlete can maintain a relatively injury free career.

Decreasing injury potential takes away energy that is being inefficiently utilized & puts it back into the athlete’s system, thereby increasing performance, only then can more complex movements be entertained.

Over the last number of years, the expectations put on young athletes has increased. They are expected to perform with the intensity often only found in professionals. This means grueling practices and more games. When combined with team travel, school and other commitments, this routine can take its toll mentally and physically.

Parents are beginning to see and understand the impact this type of lifestyle can have; especially when an injury occurs. Not being able to play due to injury only increases stress for the player. Will they be cut from the team? Will they no longer be seen as valuable? Is their future in sports in jeopardy? These are questions every injured player asks themselves.

At The System, we believe healthy individuals make for healthy players. That means maintaining a balance of diet, rest, and training between games.

Self-sustained Injuries should not be part of any sport. That’s why we help lay the foundation of generalized athletic conditioning encompassing our four Pillars of Performance. From there we introduce sport specific movements that build strength, coordination, and endurance. Then later introduce more complex movements while managing the predictability of injuries.