Concussion Pre-hab & Rehab Seminar

From Concussion to Athletic Performance


“Greater than 70% of Athletes Become Injured Annually”

*5 days broken up in to 1-day bi-weekly or monthly

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  • 33 + years of experience in the areas of high-performance athletics & regeneration
  • Advanced techniques that address Fascia, Lymphatics, Neuromechanics
  • Create profound lasting changes that improve communication with the brain & body
  • Identify areas that impede athletic performance
  • Results in less time & with less effort
  • Injury Prevention techniques
  • Pre-Hab techniques
  • 12 Step Protocol on how to deal with concussions & address sports performance
  • Latest scientific research on concussions
  • Learn about the warning signs of a concussion
  • Learn about Fascia & how it affects the body & sports performance
  • How a concussion is not just a blow to the head
  • How a concussion affects fascia, neurology, lymphatic, sports performance & metabolism
  • How to improve circulation to the brain & other areas of the body
  • Movement exercises that stimulate brain development
  • How to decrease pain & stiffness
  • How to increase sports performance beyond the concussion
  • Accelerate Recovery via Non-Evasive Regeneration Techniques
  • Prevention techniques to minimize the chance for a concussion
The Mission

“Simplicity is Complexity in Reverse. Changing the Standard in Athletic Preparation”

  • To deliver a comprehensive, personalized “360-Degree Integrated Approach” to high performance athletic program design, Health & Wellness, that identifies & addresses the blockages to health & wellness & athletic prowess.
  • To deliver athletic performance:
  • In less time
  • With less effort
  • With less injury potential
  • With Faster Recovery
  • With greater knowledge
  • By Working smarter, Not harder
  • The “360-Degree 4-Gear Integrated Approach”, encompasses 4 areas of Investigation & Enhancement:
  1. Physical & Structural (i.e. posture, speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, & mobility)
  2. Biochemical (i.e. Pre-During-Post Exercise nutrition, Endocrine, digestion, assimilation, liver detoxification & elimination)
  3. Environmental Modifications [Recovery (i.e. sleep, sauna, self-soft tissue release, home corrective exercises, lifestyle, daily ergonomics & environment (toxins)]
  4. Psychological (i.e. somato-emotional)

TheSystem's 4 Gear Process showing progression from phase 1 to phase 4 and the changing importance of exercise type (i.e. structural fitness, structural performance, performance conditioning, peak-performance conditioning) and lifestyle elements (i.e. decreasing importance of biochemical, environmental, and mental factors as physical performance develops)

The “360-Degree 4-Gear Integrated Approach” to Athletic Performance & Wellness