Who are we?

What we are NOT:

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches, who primarily focus on strength training
  • Speed Coaches, who primarily focus on speed development
  • A Corporate Fitness Facility &/ or Gym catering to the mass market
  • A place to ‘workout’ (i.e. (burn calories & get a good sweat going”), it is a centre for athletes young & old to Train & develop (i.e. enhance their physical & neurological potential)
  • We do Not give our athletes generic “cookie-cutter …one size-fits-all” group programs
  • We don’t make our athlete’s:
  • “Flip giant truck tires”
  • “Wield sledgehammers”
  • “Push cars”
  • “Perform Circus Tricks on Unstable Objects”

“Conventional High school & College strength & conditioning methodologies do not adequately address the needs of the individual athletes & fall far short in terms of properly preparing athletes for their sports”

What we ARE?

“We are Physical Mercenaries for hire that specialize in Performance Enhancement …providing Conditioning & Regenerative services to elite athletes, sports clubs & individuals, for over 30 years”

  • Our approach is simple – What is the one thing that every athlete wants immediately? “RESULTS!”
  • We are a Boutique service for those individuals that are goal orientated & are committed to getting results in the fastest time & with the least amount of effort
  • We are for the discerning clientele, who desires a high level personal privacy, information confidentiality & professional service
  • We are highly qualified & have:
  • Real world experience
  • Multidisciplinary synergistic approach to Athletic Conditioning & Regeneration
  • We have a perennial perspective (i.e. wisdom that has been tried & trued from highly respected individuals) w.r.t. to Athletic Conditioning & Regeneration
  • We have developed a unique approach to the assessment and correction of the root cause(s) of most biomechanical problems, where training and other forms of intervention have not been successful
  • We have successfully coached clients to greater than 90% resolution of their biomechanical problems and performance related queries
  • We have produced superior results where others have not been successful
  • We believe our clients innately know what their solutions are there is not aware, hence we are only a resource for you to make an educated decision
  • We believe a long-term, discipline, well managed training plan is the best approach to a successful outcome, as it enables mistakes that most individual conditioning coaches consistently make to be avoided
  • We believe Athletes need to outsource some of their training to experts in the field, to obtain greater insight into their training and nutrition before embarking on their own
  • We believe in establishing excellent rapport, respect, & trust with our client

I extend a warm welcome to try our services to see for yourself, how they can benefit your athletic experience.

“Your Passion + Our Knowledge = Success”

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