The System Will Show You How To Lower Your Injury Potential!

The System Will Show You How To Breakthrough Your Speed Barrier!

The System Has 33+ Years of Experience!

The System Is Not For Everyone, But The System Might Be Right For You.

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What Can I expect From The System Program?

The System Teaches Creative Ways to Give You Results!

  • Proper Mechanics of Movements Typically Seen in Your Sport

  • Improved Speed, Agility, & Quickness

  • Improved Strength & Power Development

  • Improvement in Balance, Coordination, & Movement Efficiency

  • Improved Flexibility & Injury Prevention

  • Improved Body Composition & Metabolism

  • Accelerated Recovery from Conditioning & Competition

Incredible gains in:

  • Speed

  • Endurance

  • Strength

  • Dynamic Flexibility & Explosive Power

  • You will feel as quick and strong at the end of the season as you did at the start

  • Everyday, you can expect a clear, organized outline for what you should be doing in the gym. No guess work.

  • You can expect running programs and speed training

  • You can expect throwing programs and velocity training

  • You can expect warm up programs and flexibility training

  • You can expect detailed meal plans and nutrition strategies

  • And you can expect to work smarter not harder

The Detailed Stuff


Plan to spend 1.5 to 3 hours with us on your first visit. This assumes that you have completed our necessary paperwork and confidential health history prior to your first appointment. This visit will include a thorough review of your health history and a basic assessment.


Further biomechanical testing and an advanced assessment (120 minutes)


Review the key findings of your assessment (60 – 90 minutes)

VISITS #4 & Onwards are Training Sessions

Each session will last 60 to 90 minutes. They will include:

  • Specific Balance and Stretching
  • Specialized Corrective Strengthening
The System's Past Projects Include...
  • Combine preparation for elite football athletes

  • Starting block workshops for track and field sprinters

  • Speed enhance for Sprinters

  • 40-Yard enhancement for Speed-Power Athletes

  • On-line interactive training videos for speed development with various clients

  • Detailed Regenerative programs

  • Easy-to-follow Sports Nutrition programs

  • Easy-to-implement Monitoring programs

  • Effective and expedient hamstring rehab for speed/power athletes

  • And much more…

At what age can I start to work with The System?

You should be at least 13 or 14 years old. But regardless of your age, always consult with your physician prior to starting this program, or any other exercise program.

What equipment will I need?

There might be a few things to purchase to facilitate “Ease of Success”. However, the majority of equipment will be available for use at The System’s facility, which is located near the Downsview Air Force Base.

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