Professional Athletes

Rookie Players: Prospective athletes are a risk proposition. In most cases it takes roughly 2-3 years to see real talent coming through. Learn how to enhance physical performance in less time, with less effort, and with less injury potential.

Veteran Players: Extending an athlete’s career makes sense financially. With proper training, conditioning, and diet, peak conditioning can be maintained longer. In addition, injuries may be less impactful with faster healing.

Under-productive Players: Not meeting expectations is not always due to a lack of skill or talent.

“Targeted hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”

Undiagnosed or hidden injuries can directly impact performance and impact long-term success. Define weak links and overcome them. A change in training and injury treatment can often unlock an athlete’s full potential.

“The chain is only as strong as the weakest link”

Determine possible causative factors that may be contributing towards decreased performance

Chronically Injured Players: Chronic injuries can mare greatness. By addressing the root cause of injuries, a more effective training and conditioning program can be created. Self-regeneration methods can be introduced in order to accelerate a return to competition.

Non-Injured Individual Athlete – who just wishes to maintain/improve their health & wellbeing via learning how to enhance physical performance in less time, with less effort & with less injury potential.

Benefits from training:

  • Refining training that addresses specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus is on developing athleticism in relation to their chosen sport
  • Develop an understanding of the difference between building muscle and “bulking up”
  • Learn intermediate regeneration techniques
  • Development foundation of correct biomechanics of all movement patterns (Running, Jumping, Pushing, Pulling, Throwing, Catching) coordination and general athleticism (i.e. Physical intelligence)
  • Strength training preparation through the utilization of body-weight exercises and medicine ball exercises
  • Develop good posture and Ideal muscle tension patterns that naturally foster efficient movement
  • Lower injury risk
  • Performance exercise focused on developing:
  • Explosive power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Regeneration
  • Nutrition
  • Structural strength
  • Speed endurance
  • Structural integration body work (isbw)
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Increase pliability (i.e. combination of flexibility, mobility & speed)


  • Learn proper eating habits that will be a staple through out your life
  • Custom meal plans, custom supplement plans
  • Guided grocery shopping
  • Time-saving meal preparation & cooking tips


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