Muscle Overexertion- eBook

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Here’s what you will become familiar with:

1) How to define Metabolic Fatigue

2) How to identify Muscle Fiber Damage  

3) How to View Muscle Damage As An Inflammatory Response     

4) How Muscular Fatigue occurs & how to identify it

5) Understand the Theoretical Bases of Muscular Cramps Resulting from Overexertion

6) Understand the difference between Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy (“The Pump”) vs. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy (“Muscle Density”)

7) Learn of Methods to Manage Muscular Damage & Fatigue Using Conditioning Planning as a Preventative Tool to Avoid Overexertion

8) Learn the Benefits of Massage as a Regenerative Tool to Overcome Muscular Soreness         

9) Learn the Benefits of Specific Supplementation as a Regenerative Tool to Overcome Muscular Soreness

11) Learn how adding these two fruits to your post workout shake could lower your muscle soreness

12) Learn how adding this cooking spice could help manage inflammation

13) Learn how other common supplements can be used in novel ways to address inflammation

14) Learn how to re-build muscle & cartilage by adding these supplements

15) Learn How to Manage Muscle Soreness or Day-to-Day Inflammation        

16) Learn How to Manage Chronic, Day-to-Day Inflammation                                                      

17) Learn How to Manage Acute Inflammation