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We are pleased to announce our latest product, “The Charts”. A foundation product for any Coach or Athlete, Yusuf Omar covers all the in’s and outs of setting up your strength training goals properly and consisely. Includes a 30 minute film that clearly demonstrates the fundamentals.

• Gain a Competitive Edge
• Increase the Efficiency of your Training Programs
• Remove the ‘Guess Work’ from your Training
• Focus on Training, NOT Calculating
• Know Exactly:
– How much to lift
– How to load the bar with the correct  number of plates
– How many sets and repetitions
-The duration of rest intervals and
-Loading for warm up and main work sets
• Benefit from the tools currently used by :
– Strength Coaches
-Personal Trainers
– Strength Athletes


Our latest film “The Charts” featuring a detailed walk through of how to use the product by Yusuf Omar.
All charts used in the film to make their application seamless into your training programming.


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