Player Agents

If you are a professional athlete, the window of opportunity to earn money for some sports is very short, sometimes as short as 3 to 4 years, depending upon the sport. If time is money and money is time, then you cannot afford to waste both on ineffective conditioning and regenerative methodology.  What sort of conditioning and regeneration you invest in must yield a high rate of return, or else you must seek better alternatives.

When your professional success and reputation depends on the performance of others, you cannot leave things to chance. And while the rush to get to the “big leagues” has never been greater, pushing young athletes can often lead to long term challenges resulting from injuries or poor conditioning.

At The System, we focus on helping athletes of all ages and stages perform their best while minimizing the impact of injuries. By employing our Four Pillars of Performance, we are able to help every athlete reach their greatest potential – safely and for the long term.

Athletes that have been through our program have experienced greater performance and fewer injuries. In many cases, they returned to their sport in better shape than when they became injured.

If you believe that the athletes you represent are deserving of long and productive careers, then give them the tools necessary accomplish it. 

We have been offering our approach to conditioning & regeneration for the past 33+ years, to those discerning individuals that demand:

  • Refinement of Service
  • Progressive, systematic, time & pressure tested, yet conservative approach to conditioning & regeneration
  • Results in less time
  • Results with less effort 
  • Results with decreased injury potential

We emphasize integration & generalization over division & specialization, which lies in a happy medium between empirical scientific observation & the art of intuitive experiential wisdom.

We bring life back into ‘sagging’ athletic careers, & increase potential income of our athletes, by finding the path of least resistance w.r.t. conditioning & regeneration, seeking out more effective paradigms & adhering to the motto ‘success leaves clues’, which has made us innovative pioneers in the field of conditioning & regeneration.

“Often imitated & very innovative”

We have been often imitated, only to have the purity, intent, understanding & efficacy of the original action be diluted.

Before implementing any ‘new’ conditioning variable, we: 

  • Research it
  • Wait a few years
  • See what others have experienced
  • Test it
  • Refine it
  • Gradually, progressively, implement it in an easy-to-absorb manner vs. impetuous, trendy & without a clearly defined end goal