Our Ideal Client

  • Wants lasting Results
  • Wants to work with qualified individuals who have been “in the trenches” for > 33+ years
  • Wants to work with qualified individuals that have more than a “Weekend Certification”
  • Wants to work with qualified individuals that do not just spew out “text book” facts, but can’t apply them
  • Prefers to condition in Privacy or in Small Groups
  • Is Highly Motivated & Goal Orientated
  • Is concerned about Injury Prevention & Effective Conditioning
  • Wants Variety in their Conditioning, but not at the Expense of “Gimmicks”
  • Wants exercises that reap the ‘Biggest Bang for you Buck’
  • Wants to Feel Lighter & Move with Ease

“I do not fear a person that does 10,000 different kicks. I fear a person
who does one kick 10,000 times”

– Bruce Lee –

  • Is Not interested in “Fly-by-Night” Fitness Trends or “Flashy” New Gyms
  • Is Frustrated from trying other programs that did not deliver
  • Does Not want complicated training & nutrition programs
  • Does Not Want to Waste Time
  • Does Not want to keep spending money for Training
  • Does Not want buy special food
  • Does Not like Pushy Sales People
  • Does Not Want to Pay Monthly Gym Memberships
  • Does Not want any ‘Hidden’ fees

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