Accelerated Conditioning & Regeneration Simplified


EAP is an exclusive “Boutique-Style” Regeneration & High Performance Conditioning Company. We are your “Physical Mercenary” for hire. EAP enhances athletic performance through the identification and correction of the blockages that limit athletic prowess. It does so, via a synergistic combination of unique Integrative Conditioning Methods, Positive Lifestyle Habits & Specialized Regenerative techniques. In other words, there is a fine line between therapy, conditioning and nutrition.

“Athletic Performance beyond numbers & Service beyond Expectations”

EAP uses an Integrated Conditioning Philosophy developed by Yusuf Omar, a competitive athlete in his own right; after 30 plus years of being in the business of Conditioning & Regeneration. Many of EAP’s clients, after becoming acquainted with the EAP conditioning & regenerative methodology, realize, that it is unlike any other conditioning system currently out there. EAP’s conditioning and regenerative methodology, is greater than a collection of exercises, but rather a unique and broad blend of traditional (i.e. tried and trued methods of conditioning), synergistically blended with modern scientific knowledge and “in-the-trenches” experience, that generates substantial outcomes in a very short period of time, with minimal time and effort.

“Shape determines Function & Function determines Shape”

EAP was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1985. It was opened to the dedication and development of the fastest and most efficient methods of conditioning and regeneration, to yield positive outcomes. EAP’s reputation is the industry has been well established and respected. EAP is no glorified training facility, but rather it is a small well-stocked conditioning facility, that has pretty much all the necessary tools to condition high school athletes to world record holders.

“Learn to ‘See’ with your Feet & ‘Feel’ with your Eyes”

Our clients certainly do not come here for the “country-club” lifestyle. They come here because of QUALITY and not Quantity. Our clients expect a high degree of personal attention and a high degree of uncompromising standards for getting results, and are willing to put the time, effort and cost to achieve their goals. If you are frustrated with your current level of service or need a change for the better, EAP might be for you, as a majority of our clients come to EAP on just such terms. Our clients come from various backgrounds, ranging from high school, college, professional people and any where in between. EAP accepts anyone without pride or prejudice; all we ask of our clients is a positive attitude, an openness to entertain new possibilities to address your concerns and commitment to the process, by which we derive the solutions to your queries.

“If you walk ten steps, EAP will walk a hundred for you”

We believe our clients innately know what their solutions are there is not aware.  We are only a resource for you to make an educated decision.

We humbly like to be a sounding board to your successes. A long-term, disciplined, well-managed training plan is the best approach to a successful outcome.

“When you succeed we succeed”

Athletes need to outsource some of their training to experts in the field, to obtain greater insight into their training and nutrition before embarking on their own.

Conditioning is both art and science.  The art is a skill that is being acquired through constant feedback from our clients and vital wisdom, intuition, knowledge and experience we have obtained by working with several top-level individuals. The science comes from attending various conferences, reading extensively, and conducting independent research.

Training diversification (i.e. speed, strength, power, agility, endurance, flexibility) is the key to reducing training stagnation and insuring that the needs of each sport is met and exceeded to create an optimum outcome. Today’s athletes require a comprehensive conditioning and nutrition plan to act as a roadmap for achieving short and long-term goals. The flexibility to change (i.e. the ability to adapt to the constant flux of sport and stresses it imposes on the athletes body)

EAP moves away form out-dated / cookie-cutter training methods. EAP will teach you cutting edge techniques to take you to the next level. No person is crated equal, so why should your training be the same as the next guy’s.

“Success sometimes is measured in sacrifice and not by victory. Victory comes as a result of sacrifice”

There are conditioning coaches out there currently, that use their athletes for shameless promotion. What they fail to realize is that those athletes were “athletes” before they met these coaches. Yes, they might have assisted in the process of better performance, but they did not “make them”. If anything, the coach merely brought out what was missing. To deny what each athlete comes to you with, is to take ownership and live vicariously through them. At EAP we do not take pride in our athletes, but rather, we take stock in the methodology that helped them develop their athlete potential.

All training methods are possibilities; it just depends on the situation, which possibility(s) you will use for a particular athlete, in the current state that they are in, at that particular time. No one method works for all athletes all the time. Every method has its inherent limitations. Having said this, even despite this, the limitations of each method can serve a purpose towards building greater performance, via the adoption of new conditioning methodology, once the previous one has been exhausted.

“If all you have in your tool box is a screwdriver & hammer. You will ‘screw & hammer’ everything”

Every sport has its own unique idiosyncrasies that define it as what it is. It is important to classify the ergogenensis of each sport, and then assess how close the athlete is to this reality. But prior to this, it is vital that the athlete is assessed based upon their past injury and conditioning history, current overall health then their physical structure (i.e. posture). The athletes posture will give deep insight into their bodies ability to maintain internal equilibrium (i.e. protect the brain, the spinal cord, the visceral organs & maintain 3-dimentional joint-centration), whilst giving strong indication on how the athlete will move based upon the latter aspect.

“If it stands right it walks right. If it walks right, it runs right. If it runs right, it sprints right. “

Every conditioning and regeneration method will have some application to a particular sport, but may not apply for too long. A good coach will have the broadest knowledge w.r.t., conditioning and regeneration, with the deepest insight on how to utilize those elements for the particular needs of the athlete, then fulfilling the requirements of the sport.

“Develop the athlete, but condition for the sport i.e. identify and address the state he/she comes you, but lead him/her to where they ought to be”

At a certain point in time, every conditioning method will not reap the fruits that it once did, despite initially having obtains large gains in its early inception; hence more time spent with that method, will not lead to more gains in performance.

“Exhaust every training method, them move on to another one”

All conditioning methods are just possibilities, and any coach that vehemently adheres to any one method, will find him/herself moving towards one extreme, failing to realize that the extremes only define the middle. The best performance coaches do not subscribe to just one conditioning method, but rather, are mentally agile enough to embrace all methods at the same time, but not be a slave to anyone.

“The greatest growth comes from the middle, but sometimes you need to go to both extremes to define that middle, but one can not stay at the extremes for too long”

The best performance enhancement coaches learn to assess with a microscope, conservatively dispense conditioning and aggressively regenerate. Sometimes athletes will develop tremendous strength in a particular lift, only to get the “gold medal” for that lift, but no medal in their sport of choice. No athlete was purely built in the weight room.

“Do not mimic the sport in the weight room”

Much of the conditioning comes from the sport itself. Ideal conditioning just provides the structure by which movement can occur, as you cannot rush a river, but merely guide it. Specificity in the weight room mars performance.

“There are no absolutes just degrees of relativity”

EAP goes beyond the exercise and its relationship with esthetics. Instead EAP concerns its efforts on what effect the exercise is having on the proprioceptive system, Central Nervous System fatigue, as well as, the relationship that particular exercise has with others relative to percentage Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC) (i.e. a sprint has the highest MVC, whereas a 1RM bench press has only about 60% MVC). So in essence these two exercises are not competing for the same amount of energy vs. a sprint an Olympic Snatch movement.

In the end EAP’s philosophy on conditioning & regeneration can be summed up in just a few words:

“The best coach, is not the one that has all the answers, but has the ability to identify the state the athlete is currently in, and where to access the methodology to take that athlete to the next stage of development…

Mould the program to the athlete & DO NOT mould the athlete to the program..

In the shortest amount of time,

With the least amount of stress on the athlete’s CNS &

Using the least amount of effort

With the minimalist amount of conditioning elements employed (i.e. “simplicity is complexity in reverse”)” & using the most effective regenerative methods available”

      – Yusuf Omar-

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